The conference of the National Society of Medical Oncology of Romania (SNOMR) will take place on October 9-13, 2019, in Poiana Braşov, as usual in the last years. The event should be important for the Romanian oncology, although the other oncology society from our country, The Romanian Society of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology (SRROM), is not involved. With the efforts of the organizers led by our new president, Associate Professor Dana Stănculeanu, there will be interesting presentations of Romanian doctors and several speakers invited from the pharmaceutical industry.

The conference will have a micro-course prior to the beginning of the works, and if a number of nurses are able to join us at the conference, a course for them will be also organized by Professor Lucian Miron from Iaşi. journal received several abstracts from participants which are important for a conference. The papers that will be presented and whose summaries have been submitted represent short reviews and some updates on important oncology topics. The original works are still awaited, but this is often encountered in medical events from Romania.

A little bit of frustration that has persisted for many years is that we don’t have all the important names in the field of Romanian oncology together. We also regret that this manifestation is no longer held under the auspices of an international scientific forum such as ESMO or ASCO. A solution would be the collaboration with SRROM, the only oncological society from Romania affiliated to ESMO, so that our society could also have conferences under ESMO auspices.

Finally, I am optimistic because SNOMR is constantly changing, and we hope that the new leaders, with their new management that has attracted many young people, will bring a breath of fresh air. Appreciating what has been done well so far, we must also learn from our previous mistakes, in order to promote the best interest for the medical oncology in Romania.