On the other hand, I want to make a short pre­sen­tation of the Institute of Oncology Bucharest (IOB) which will be in short time the host of a major scientific and educational event: Scientific Days of the Institute of Oncology Bucharest.
IOB is a comprehensive cancer center with about 650 beds.  We have clinical departments for thoracic surgery, ab­­do­­mi­nal surgery, and breast cancer sur­gery. As well, we have three de­part­­­ments of radiotherapy (with 180 beds), and two departments for me­di­cal oncology (with 136 beds).The institute has a depart­ment for pediatric oncology, and an ambulatory department that treats about 250 pa­tients per day. 
Our institution has a good experience in the radioablation of liver metastases and laser ablation of lung metastases. The radiotherapy department performs 2D and 3D radiotherapy, and, more re­­­cen­tly, intensity-modulated radiation the­ra­py (IMRT). It was also created an important sub-department of me­ta­bo­lic radiotherapy.
In the ambulatory system, we have spe­­cia­lists in endocrinology, oph­thal­mo­­logy, head and neck, neurology and der­matology. As well, the institute has an important de­partment for intensive care. 
Basic research is also well represented by a nucleus of researchers who con­duct many research supported by com­pe­titive grants. Also, they maintain a large biobase useful for research in our institution and for others.
There is, for the moment, a small sub-department for palliative care included in the Medical Oncology Department.  We also have a sub-department of pal­lia­tive care for children, with 5 beds, that is in­clu­ded in the Department of Pediatric Oncology. For conceiving the integration of medical oncology with palliative care, our institution was ac­credited as a “ESMO Designed Center for Integrated Medical Oncology and Palliative Care”, which is an important international recognition.
It is a pleasure for me to announce that between the 18th and the 20th of May will be held the Scientific Days of the Institute of Oncology Bucharest. 

Alexandru C. GRIGORESCU, MD, PhD