The National Society for Medical Oncology of Romania (SNOMR) has registered 17 annual meetings that have brought together more than half of the medical oncologists from Romania.
This year we had the honor of having a mini ESMO and MASCC symposium. This honors us and reveals the openness of our society to international collaboration and, on the other hand, that our work is appreciated by other prestigious companies in Europe and around the world.

On this occasion, I would like to thank once again our European and United States speakers: Pieter E. Postmus from ESMO Faculty, Rajesh Lalla from MASCC, Stefan Hauser, Robert Bota, Sorin Buga, Paul Doru, Daniela Bota, Bonnie Freeman, Gabriela Gheorghe, Răzvan Lapădat, Alexandru Buturuga, David Planchard, Marta Schirripa, Mario Scartozzi, Michael Untch.  
Also, many thanks for Romanian speakers: Marius Geanta, Florinel Pop, Șerban Negru, Adina Croitoru, Dana Grecea, Anca Mihailov, Dana Stănculeanu, Lucian Miron, Tudor Ciuleanu (ESMO representative of Romania), Nicolae Calomfirescu, Radu Mihalca, Adrian Calomfirescu, Cătălin Belinski, Cristian Chiricuță, Ștefan Curescu.

As non-fulfillment, I regret that not so many young oncologists, residents in medical oncology, and nurses participated, due to the sponsorship policy of the pharmaceutical industry.
My proposal is to continue the relationship with ESMO, MASCC, SIOG and ASCO, relationships established over time that I have been trying to promote over the years. We also need to collaborate with the other Romanian medical societies dealing with oncological issues. I do not think federalization is necessary because it destroys the initiative and depersonalizes, but collaboration needs to be sustained.