Despite the difficulties that the “Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu” Institute of Oncology Bucharest (IOB) faces - such as the lack of the necessary funds for current reparations, acquiring the necessary equipment or the lack of medical and administrative personnel in some departments - the institute’s leaders decided to organize three days of scientific debates in the field of fundamental research and clinical research.
As one of the coordinator, I can be critical and, wishing for the things to be best done, in my opinion, in order to progress, we have to recognize that not everything is perfect. The clinic is always a sensitive issue, and doctors are very proud and sometimes this can be an impediment in organizing a scientific event. It is very difficult to replace the absence of a better collaboration among doctors or the lack of motivation and, maybe, even the need for a strong nucleus which could coagulate everyone’s efforts towards research development. This was the challenge that the Scientific and Organizational Committee, led by professor Alexandru Blidaru and lecturer dr. Marian Marincaş, Medical Director, had successfully faced. 
Briefly, we are looking forward excitedly for the Science Days at the “Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu” Institute of Oncology Bucharest. This year, foreign guests from important hospitals from Istanbul will join (from Anadolu and Acibadem). Also, The European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) will be represented by professor Ozgur Ozylkan and by myself, both colleagues in the ESMO Designed Centers Group for Integration of Medical Oncology with Palliative and Supportive Care.
Surgery is well represented at IOB, with breast cancer surgery, through the heritage of professor Alexandru Blidaru, and the newer departments of Thoracic surgery, led by professor Teodor Horvat, and Gastrointestinal surgery, led by professor Eugen Brătucu. Radiotherapy is represented by professor Rodica Anghel and doctor Mircea Savu. All these medical fields are, formally, the “Tumor Board of the Conference”.
The pediatric oncology department, under the coordination of associate professor  Monica Dragomir, has achieved many positive results in the fight against this terrible disease which, unfortunately, affects children as well. These results will be revealed in a short session at the conference.
The departments of Medical Oncology represented by the two sections led by lecturer dr. Dana Stănculeanu and researcher degree I dr. Alexandru Grigorescu - departments  with many unmet needs -  will try again to demonstrate that there are an important part of the team and, in the ESMO point of view, even the coordinator of the therapeutic plan of the cancer patient. 
The scientific presentations will include the participation of the research department led by professor Nicolae Manolescu, and first degree researchers Sabin Cinca and Iuliana Gruia (president of the Scientific Committee at IOB), who will reveal the importance of research in cancer treatment.
The nurses - lead by the Care Director Stela Nicolăescu - will have a dedicated scientific section, which will focus on a theoretical approach to complete the practical experience.
Last but not least, medical residents will attend the conference, some of them with original papers, unfortunately not as many as we would have wanted.
All our activity was facilitated by the Institute’s manager, dr. Lidia Kajanto.
We also hope for the participation of important doctors from other hospitals from Romania, which will provide a good experience exchange.
I apologize for not being able to quote all those who collaborated on the event, but they are in the conference program, and I hope they will submit papers to be published in our journal,
To conclude, we wish that this conference will be a great success for both our institute of oncology, and for Medic Hub Company, that organizes this event for the first time.