The National Congress of Oncology was a scientific event organized by the National Society of Medical Oncology (SNOMR), having a mixed structure: face to face and online. This manifestation helped the PhD students to present the works necessary for the promotion of their doctorate and helped the residents to assert themselves with reviews and case presentations. Some therapeutic behaviors have also been developed. This scientific event did not have the endorsement of a domestic or international medical society, but only the disparate opinions of specialists in medical oncology, surgery and radiotherapy.

The SRROM Congress was an online scientific event that had the endorsement of several oncology societies in Romania, the “Ion Chiricuţă” Institute of Oncology and of the “Iuliu Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca. Important for medical oncology is the fact that this congress was organized under the auspices of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).

It is a pity that the same oncology pro­­­blems were exposed at an interval of only one week. Given so many presentations that together exceed the time of the ESMO Congress, we would think that many papers are selected in international con­­­gres­ses, but in practice we know that this does not happen very often.

Perhaps it would be useful for one of the congresses to be dedicated more to educa­tional activity and for establishing na­tio­nal therapeutic protocols, and another congress to be dedicated to oncology news and original works. Or maybe we need a unique congress, but we leave this possibility to the readers’ appreciation.

We must mention that these two natio­nal scientific events occurred shortly after the ESMO Congress. In conclusion, I would like to mention the example of ESMO, expressed by President Solange Peters, who said that these meetings of experts constitute a community. If this com­mu­nity can be European or even global, it means that in Romania this could also hap­pen at a national level.

“ESMO Congress 2021: The place where the oncology experts come together, as a community” – Solange Peters.