Our journal’s last edition of this year includes a series of papers regarding pathologies associated with pregnancy and their management. The first article brings forward the early sonographic signs in agenesis of the fetal corpus callosum, pointing out that, although the agenesis of corpus callosum is currently a second-trimester diagnosis, the ultrasound measurements of midbrain/falx cerebri with calculated ratio and pericallosal artery in the first trimester could lead to a matter of concern. The next paper presents an observational retrospective analysis of  women diagnosed with digestive cancer during pregnancy. Given the rarity of digestive cancer during pregnancy and the poor prognosis for the mother, it is important to be aware of the different signs and symptoms that can be masked by those of pregnancy, the diagnosis representing a challenge which requires a multidisciplinary team.

Moving on, we discuss about one of the most frequent pathologies complicating pregnancy – hypertension, which is analyzed from the point of view of the anatomical, clinical and ultrasound correlations that lead to an adequate com­ple­tion of pregnancy and childbirth. Ano­ther review of literature focuses on the the­ra­peu­tic management and prognosis of the complications of pregnancy-induced hyper­tension.

In the gynecology section, we present a literature review regarding the current trends in the management of surgical site in­fec­tion in gynecology.

In the neonatology section, we present a case report which brings to the front the therapeutic challenges of respiratory dis­tress syndrome in the newborn.

We are glad to mention that now, at the end of the year 2020, we have reached the milestone 30, representing the volume number of our journal.

In conclusion, the whole editorial team wishes readers, contributors and re­viewers of Ginecologia.ro a joyful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!